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Call Of The Wild Adventure Tours Canada

Fly fishing and Excursions

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3 Time Canadian Sport Fishing Champion
Beer & Soda Bottle Cap Lures
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Discover your passion for fishing. We offer a course on fly fishing. We have fishing excursions. Including packages for children.

Get informed on our Special Celebrity package including The Canadian Sport Fishing Champion Andy Vander Ploeg.



3 Time Canadian Sport Fishing Champion 2001-2003

If taking the fly fishing course interests you, for the first 50 clients , we will give a personalized lure from The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company.

We offer a demonstration course on fishing security. What to do and not do. How to fish and actually fish. Intense  two day course. Students can buy equipment at the end of course. This package is for a minimum of five students. Get informed about the upcoming dates.

Great Catch
These boys were both happy

Intense fly fishing course offered by a private school named Steamside. This place offers one on one. Concentrates on the aptitudes and abilities of the angler.

Monster Fish
We have these here in Quebec

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