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Le record  d'Etat et Mondiale couvrant L'Original Bottle Cap Lure Company.
State and World Record Coverage The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company




Ce concours est gratuit. Il suffit d'utiliser L'Original Bottle Cap Lure . Envoyer photo et details.
Reglement sont disponible en bas seulement en Anglais malheureusement. Pour questions
This contest is free. Just use The Original Bottle Cap Lure. Send pictures and details.
Rules are available at the bottom in English only.
For questions


Coverage Concept: Catch a New State or IGFA World Record Bass on the Original Bottle Cap Lure and Win the Scheduled Grand Prize.

Terms and Conditions: 


         Promotion will commence on January 1, 2005 and continue through December 30th, 2005.

         Species limited to Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

         Territory is limited to those public waters in States of the USA in which a state record of the specified species in now in existence.  No vacant categories will be accepted.

         IGFA is the official World Record keeping entity.  World Record territory is the same as State Record territory, as referenced above.

         Any eligible entrant must have purchased an Original Bottle Cap Lure and used it to catch a new record of the species specified.  The lure must have been in the original and unaltered state.

         Any new state or world record must be certified by the official state or world record keeping authority as a condition precedent to claims consideration.

         Participation is unlimited however; proof of purchase by winner is required.

         International Game Fish Association (IGFA) All Tackle rules and regulations apply.

         In the event that one fish sets both records, only the claim with the largest potential Grand Prize will be honored i.e. a winning angler can win one but not both categories of coverage.

         Both scheduled coverage options are single limit liability.

         In the event of a new record(s), a winning angler must submit to and pass in a conclusive manner, a polygraph examination as a condition precedent to claims consideration.

Remember The Original Bottle Cap Lure Works!
It is used by 3 time Canadian Sports Fishing Champion Andy Vander Vander Ploeg of High River Alberta
Read about it on The Original Bottle Cap Lure Companys News page
Here is his standings at Canadian Sports Fishing's Website

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