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The Original Bottle Cap Lure


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Did you know the Original Bottle Cap Lure is used by 3 time Canadian National Sport Fsihing Champion? This is a fact. 


The Bottle Cap Lure was invented by Norm Price in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Norm had a specialty tackle and out door adventure shop called Call Of The Wild
Tour & Fishing Accessories. He had a local brewing company come in and trade
some beer for a few pack rods. So one night Norm and his friend Warren were havin a few of these wobblie pops. Norm bent a beer bottle in half though it up on his work table by some hooks. He walked over and sure enough. It looked attached to the hook. So he built one.It wasnt to strong cause he drilled the holes which weakened the metal. So then he went to a machine shop and had a special punch made which makes it even stronger.

Norm then took this lure down to the river. Warren his friend bet him $50 that
he wouldnt catch anything. Know what First cast Norm landed a 32 Brown
Trout.Easiest $50.00 in my life he said, No doubt Norm. Well Warren said it was just a fluke, so Norm kept fishing. Yet again he gets a bit after another 2 casts.
Pulls in a 28 Rainbow. Wow 2 nice Trout in mater of 15 min, even after playing
the first on. Norm then turned to one of his best friends Andy Vander Ploeg and
asked him to field test it.

Andy has been learning to master this lure in the last three years. The last 2
years he has won the Canadian Sport Fishing Championships. Way to go Andy!
Andy says this product is awesome Pike and Walleye just eat them up. I have even
used them on big Bull Trout . Make sure you always have a spare or 2 . I like
so carry a couple six packs he comments.

Norm has relocated his business out in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, close to his soon to be competitor Brecks who manufacture Mepps. Norm has been hammering Bass, Walleye, and Brook Trout on this Lure.As Matter of fact his Landlord of the building he was renting, had over hear him telling the story about winning the $50.00 bet. So he says to Norm I will give you $50.00 to if you can go catch a fish down here on this river. Norm looked stunned .. he said.. "really??" .. His landlord said "yeah really". Norm runs across the street to the store. Comes out with his rod and some bottle cap lures and says see. No bait just raw bottle cap lures. He runs down to the river and came back in 20 min with a nice pan size Brooke Trout . There was 6 people present that were floored. The trout still alive and flapping on the lure. Way to go Norm

Norm has done a promotion in Alberta with Labatt Wild Cat and had a nice Labbat Wild Cat Booth at the Edmonton and Calgary Boat and Sportsman Show.

Tips & Techniques

The Bottle Cap Lure Tips & Techniques

1.) The Bottle Cap Lure has 3 bearing inside that make it rattle when you give you rod a flick or a snap with your tip of your rod. As you may know, vibration triggers fish to strike.

2.) The cavity of the Bottle Cap Lure can be opened to pack bait like The Original Bottle Cap Lure Goop
inside. This will help attract the fish and trigger it to feed or strike.

3.) The treble hook can be taken off and replaced with a single hook for other conditions.
If you do this you can add a plastic or rubber wiggle to your lure to create a tail effect.
Some waters only allow single non barbed hooks. We even suggest you to crimp the barbs for easy retrieval

4.) The Bottle Cap Lure is excellent for flipping. Flipping for Bass has never been so much fun.
With this lure the trees seem to be no problem. You will become a flipping machine.

5.) This hot new lure can be retrieved a few different ways. These techniques will help you improve you fishing skills with this lure and help you successfully land your fish.

a) Cast and slow retrieval is the most common.
b) Quick retrieve will sometime make the Bottle Cap Lure skip along the top of the water triggering a Pike or Bass to rise.
c) Using a bottom bouncer and placing the lure 3-4 ft back on the line.
d) When
ice fishing or jigging it is just the standard jigging method that applies.
e) You can place a small strip of liver too on the hook for scent as well.





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